For Patients


Initial Visit


For a successful consultation, please make sure you bring the following items with you when you arrive  for you appointment:

  • Photo identification

  • Insurance card

  • A referral form from your primary care provider (PCP). Check with your insurance company to see if this form is required. If your insurance company requires this form, it must have a date that comes before your appointment. If it is required by your insurance, you will not be seen without a referral from your PCP since insurance regulations prohibit our office from generating referrals

  • A list of the top five symptoms related to your endocrinology problem

  • A list of all of your medicines and dosages (or the bottles themselves)  that you currently take including medicines not related specifically to the treatment of your endocrine problem, vitamins and herbal products

  • Any related lab results

  • Any X-ray or ultrasound or MRI or CT scan reports

  • Any paperwork that you have filled out ahead of time

  • Any old medical records that you may have

  • Please feel free to bring a list of your questions and also to bring a family member or support person, especially if you have trouble with vision, hearing or memory. Also let us know in advance if you will be needing an interpreter of any kind.



Patient Education


All educational materials and links to online resources are provided as general information about endocrine topics.


These materials are intended to supplement your understanding of endocrine disorders, not to replace discussion of specific concerns with a physician.



If you seek resources to help with quitting smoking, you may find the following Web sites to be of use.